Welcome to the site of Robert K. Gresham LLC, Attorney at Law, licensed in the State of Georgia. I am a business and transactional lawyer with broad legal experience in many types of matters, obtained my legal training as an associate of a top Wall Street firm, and also rely on 20 years of financial and entrepreneurial experience in serving my clients. Please see my "Business Services" and  "Legal Experience" pages here for more details. 

My professional goal is to provide value to clients by utilizing modern technology to offer high quality legal services while keeping fees and expenses predictable and reasonable.

I do lots of work onsite at client locations, enjoy learning and understanding clients' operations, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with them. This consultative approach to the law can enhance efficiency and also create valuable economies of scale that clients appreciate.

My billing policies are flexibile. I prefer to reserve hourly billing for matters of truly indeterminate duration, and can structure my services in whatever way makes sense for a particular client.

Is your business at a point where you know you need specialized business counsel, but have hesitated due to cost concerns? Are you in the process of buying or selling a business, buying or selling accounts or assets, setting up a  new company, making an investment in a business, negotiating business agreements with third parties? Would you like to prepare your business for sale or just keep in compliance with laws and regulations? Do you need help with general day-to-day business legal issues?

Does your corporate legal department need proactive outside counsel who will spend the time to become familiar with your operations and needs, the big picture, as opposed to being purely reactive and remote? Do you seek counsel who brings substantial experience to the table and may even be as cost-effective as inexperienced "contract" attorneys? Does your venture capital, private equity or investment bank have legal needs in the deal process from initial negotiations to closing?

Does your law firm need assistance in meeting your clients' corporate or transactional needs, allowing you to focus on other core practice areas? Are you exploring creating or growing a corporate law practice group?

Does your business need capital? Do you need help finding capital sources, creating a "bankable" business plan, negotiating loan agreements with banks or other investors? Does your business need to issue debt or equity?

If any of the above describes your needs, please take a few seconds and send an Email to:

fiatlex@live.com or call: